Digi Detox

Shift of teaching to online platforms due to covid enabled by a massive proliferation of smart phones and significant increase in 4G internet coverage in India since 2020 has resulted in teenagers familiarity with social media apps. A growing menace is increasing instances of digital addictions amongst teenagers for social media apps, gaming apps and like. There have been increasing coverage of this issues in reputed magazines and newspapers. 

Recently one of the well known publications – The Guardian Newspaper had a helpful article with practical tips on avoiding digital addictions. They have given one tip for the 10 most popular social media apps. These tips are easy to implement and can have a immediate effect. For example, the tips for a few popular social media apps are 

Whatsapp – Disable Read Receipts

Facebook – Neutralize your newsfeeds

Youtube – Remove related videos

Instagram – Hide your like count 

And so on. I highly recommend all teenagers and adults reading through the article at 


By Rohan Kalluraya