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Facebook Addiction Center in Pune

Are you looking for Facebook Addiction Center in Pune? In India, the number of social media users has been growing in 2022 at a steady rate of 467 million due to the deep penetration of internet connectivity among people. The number of Internet users in India has grown to a whopping 658 million, which is roughly 47% of the total population of India. Now, Facebook has become one of the most essential parts of daily internet usage in India. The Indian population has taken to Facebook like duck to water. Indians, on average, spend about 2.36 hours on social media daily. 
Someone with an addiction to Facebook may find themselves compelled to use this media constantly. They spend far too much time reading Facebook feeds, checking out others’ profiles, or clicking through images.

Symptoms of Facebook addiction

  1. Uncontrollable urge to log in or use social media apps or sites
  2. Continued social media use even though it leads to harmful situations like driving while using your phone or emotional symptoms like anxiety, anger, or stress
  3. Continued social media use even though it leads to relationship problems or problematic behaviors (such as checking social media while having dinner with friends)
  4. Devoting so much time to social media that it leads to neglect of school, work, or personal obligations
  5. Avoiding social activities and hobbies because of social media
  6. Desiring or attempting to control social media use but with no success
  7. Gradually increasing social media use to get the same pleasure (tolerance) 
  8. Experiencing distress or restlessness if social media use is prohibited (withdrawal symptoms) 
  9. Using social media to reduce negative feelings or forget problems (escapism)
  10. Lying or concealing addictive social media usage 

Social media addiction causes many negative effects in an individual’s life, including the following:

  1. Reduced productivity– frequently browsing the internet, email, social media or games decreases work or school time causing productivity to suffer.
  2. Decrease in social life – Individuals addicted to the internet spend lesser time outdoors and do not interact with friends or family.
  3. Time alteration–an individual is so lost in the world of browsing that they do not have any track of the time elapsed.
  4. Escapism – another major reason is that users get deeply involved with online communities while trying to escape the reality of life. Moreover, their problems are left untreated and they get more involved in the internet world.
  5. Depression – Undecided whether depression causes social media addiction or social media addiction causes depression but both scenarios are equally probable.
  6. Social anxiety– Being in the online world all the time makes it challenging to face real-time circumstances and can cause anxiety attacks.
  7. Back or wrist pain– both can occur with long durations of computer use.


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