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What is it

Internet addiction refers to the compulsive urge to continually use the internet, whether to game, check social media or simply surf the web. It is a non-substance addiction, so people are often confused whether they can even be addicted to the internet. The answer is YES you can get addicted.


Prevention and Advice

The problem with substance addictions is that they are difficult to be completely blocked from one’s life. For example, in an alcohol addiction it is very difficult to completely block alcohol from your life as alcohol is present everywhere and addicts get prompted to buy it wherever they see it. One of the benefits for internet addicts is that specific websites and games which people are addicted to can be easily blocked from their lives. Some resources for doing this are

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Our main work is presenting a highly detailed PPT designed by the team in consultation with experts to various schools and colleges to raise awareness about internet addiction. We are also conducting a reasearch project to see the prevalence of this addiction among teenagers. If you are a teenager, please help us out by filling this completely anonymous survey designed by us
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Please get in contact with us to help organize a presentation to raise awareness about internet addiction. We also provide certificates for helping us organize presentations


Knowledge Resources

NIMHANS SHUT clinic(Service for Healthy use of Technology)

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