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Worrying About technology won’t do you any good:

Whether you like it or not, technology is here to stay and continues to grow rapidly to this day. Social media companies, game companies, and streaming services all hope to increase their usage; an inevitable consequence of this will be addiction to these platforms, but rather than curbing all use of technology there is more to be gained by using it intelligently and being educated on the dangers of the internet. Parents should try to limit the screen time of their children as studies show that people from the 16-18 teenage age group are most likely to get addicted. This is not to say that adults can’t be addicted, hence we should all practice digital control, and monitor our use of devices weekly, maybe even daily. Measures like setting timers on certain Apps can help with controlling usage to make sure it doesn’t evolve into an addiction.

Video Game addiction listed as a mental health issue by WHO

Video games are a great way to escape from reality, which is what makes them so addictive, and were a boon for people during the pandemic when people couldn’t go out. However, WHO has most recently included the compulsive need to play video games as a mental health condition. The WHO suggests that acknowledging the problem may help countries be more prepared for identifying these problems and providing treatments for these problems. However, this may cause unnecessary concern among parents and that a very small proportion of gamers will show this disorder. Just because your child is spending hours playing video games it doesn’t mean that they have a disorder. Research has shown that people suffering with this disorder are likely to have other disorders such as bipolar disorder, Depression. The way to recognize if this addiction is taking hold is when gaming begins interfering with social and academic functions of the child, such as falling grades, skipping chores, and strained relationships.