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China is known largely for its gaming industry, which was actually considered as one of the best. Starting from September 1st, China has reduced gaming time for children from almost 10.5 hours a week down to 3 hours a week for those under 18. They are permitted to play an hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8pm to 9pm. The reason for such a crackdown on gaming by the Chinese government is due to complaints: students are not performing well in school due to a heavy gaming addiction. This gave the government an impetus to change their gaming laws. 


  • This change has been put into place so that students concentrate on studies. 
  • The reduced screen time might allow them to them to connect with family and friends.


  • The gaming industry in the world is booming, a lot of people believe that China will fall behind in e-sports because students won’t be able to practice before the age of 18, while other people are already winning e-sports competitions at the age of 17
  • Gaming isn’t inherently bad, instead of banning everything for everyone, they can impose bans on games of certain genres instead.

By Aneesh Pant