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A related negative effect of internet addiction on teenagers is internet or cyber bullying. Anonymity provided by internet allows for sending of mean messages, rumours, fake profiles. Almost 1 in 10 teenager has experienced cyber bullying. It can be defined as the use of technology to harass and threaten another person between the ages of 7 and 18 years. Above 18 years, it’s defined as cyber harassment or stalking. 

Teenagers have taken extreme steps when faced with cyber bullying. Its particulary difficult to act upon due to anonymous nature, fast and 24×7 reach through networks, and wide audience. Various types of bullying behaviours are Stalking, Impersonation, Exclusion, Outing,Trolling etc. Online, this kind of abuse can be perpetrated more easily. Cyber bullying can be more emotionally harmful than its offline equivalent as on the net there is no safe space, the bully can reach 24x7x365


By Rohan Kalluraya