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Digital Addiction

A initiative to develop Insights and Awareness

Our aim is develop original insights and raise awareness of digital addictions amongst teenagers in India.  Since 2019, our team has focused on various initiatives to raise awareness of gaming addiction, cell-phone app addiction & social media addiction . A initiative of students, by students, for students. We are looking for volunteers aka digidetoxifier’s in schools across India.

We have developed self assessment tests for internet, social media and gaming use which are freely available and have been extensively used. For our research on internet addiction trends, we have surveyed more than 1000 students in various schools. If you are a 12-20 year old, please help us in our research on trends in internet addiction by taking our survey.

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In 2019, Rohan observed close friends in his Pune school get obsessed with internet gaming. Rohan & Aneesh reached out to renowned psychiatrists – Dr. Dyanraj Choudhary and Dr. Bhooshan Shukla to organize a presentation in school. This first talk helped a number of friends to acknowledge the problem and seek help. 

In 2020, Arushi joined Digidetox initiative from Calcutta. We decided to scale up our initiative across India and reach out to a maximum number of schools and teenagers. We have developed ppt slides, flyers, posters to be shared during school presentations. We have also developed self assessment surveys to assess internet, social media and video gaming usage and provide feedback. Our team of digidetoxifier’s across India will aim to conduct online and offline programs in schools to fight the hidden menace of digital addiction.



Raise awareness about internet, social media and gaming addiction among teenagers across India through online and offline outreach programs.

Develop specialised self assessment survey tools on usage of internet, gaming, social media and provide open access to them on digidetox website.

Conduct data analysis and present insights, research papers and recommendations for policy action by government, schools and parents.

Action Plan

We will partner schools in offering following two programs

Awareness Program
In partnership with schools, we will interact with student volunteers (Grade 8 to 12) and teacher counselors in creating training and awareness programs. We will share posters, flyers, presentations and other material and guide student volunteers in creating school specific programs.

Self Assessment Tests
We will develop and offer self assessment tests which will be made freely available on our website. These tests developed on Kimberly-Young model and using 5 Point Likert Scale, will provide a score on scale of No Addiction, Moderate Addiction and Severe Addiction to any one who takes the tests.   

Research Survey Program
In partnership with schools, we will offer self assessment surveys that help guage internet, social media, video game usage patterns. These programs are completely anonymous and will offer trends and patterns to school leaders. We will work with subject matter experts on insight papers to research on digital addiction trends.

Digidetox in News

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