What to look for while choosing an international preschool?

The choice of preschool is crucial because these are the most important years in a child’s development. It might be inundating looking at the various options you have in your hand. Making a choice should not be an impulsive decision. It should rather be a well-researched process where every detail is considered. Ask yourself and the chosen preschool a lot of questions to be absolutely sure that you are picking nothing but the best for your kid.

Why choose an international preschool over a local preschool?

With the globalization of the education in several countries, international preschools are becoming increasingly popular. Both local and international preschools have their own benefits. But there are some factors that do give the international preschools an edge and thus making them popular among the parents or preschoolers. With the global methods of teaching and a world class curriculum incorporated international preschools help prepare the preschoolers better for accepting an international curriculum in schooling in the future as well. With the education industry in Singapore growing and expanding at an impressive rate, finding an international preschools would be quite easy. One can consider enrolling their child into GESS international school  if they are looking for a well-rounded and established international school in Singapore.

If you are still undecided, here is a list of criteria that you can measure against to ensure that your child is well-equipped with the best quality education:

1.Consider the ambiance:

The ambience in a preschool would depend a lot on the type of curriculum chosen as well. So looking at the ambience you would be able to understand the general atmosphere that prevails in the school. You would thus be able to understand whether it would be a flexible and acceptable environment that your child would love.

2.The communication language:

While some local preschools might allow communication in the regional languages, international preschools focus on communication in English. Learning to communicate in English at a very early age can offer a strong foundation for your child. For those looking to include a second language say the mother tongue, a local preschool might be the option.


3.Teaching methodology:

You would be able to gain a first impression about the teaching methodology from the ambiance of the school. But actually enquiring about the same with the school would be essential. Though the curriculum might be similar across international preschools, the exact teaching methodologies might slightly vary. The emphasis imposed on soft skills, academic orientation of the syllabus for the preschoolers all should be looked at keenly before making a final decision. Some schools adopt the play-based learning strategies that can especially popular among children these  days.

“Play ignites curiosity and stimulates the natural, innate creativity of young children. Different type of play help to develop children’s cognitive and emotional growth. For example, educational toys like building blocks help children to learn about colours and shapes, and playing with items like dough helps them develop their touch senses and creativity. Also, play is fun! We know that when children have fun, they are much more likely to focus on what they are doing and learning. Read more about it here.

4.The other factors to look at:

There are various other factors to look out for when choosing a local or international preschool. Some of them include the student to teacher ratio, facilities and infrastructure of the school and also the accreditation of the institute to know where it stands among the other international school in the region.