Top Reasons Why Your Child With Special Needs Should Be Taught Theatre Art



For anyone with special needs, increasing the comfort level and the adaptability to the surrounding environment comes as a primary priority. The more one is comfortable with the proximity, the more expressive that person can become. It is in this same scenario that theatre company helps your child with special needs. It allows the opportunity to stretch and grow and to meet new people like themselves. It helps them to speak in large groups and expand their skills as well. It in turn provides them a basis for enhancing their life skills.

Theatre provides a creative and dynamic learning environment that strengthens life and other social skills. It helps them to engage in unique experiences that are fun and energetic and serves as a fantastic form of exercise and a mode of self expression. It certainly impacts almost all aspects of life in a positive way.
Leapfrogs Children Therapy Center is one such organization that help provide, speech and educational therapy to children with this disabilities.

There is mainly three aspects of theatre that you must know to provide your child the best theatre experience that he/she deserves. These include – singing, acting and dancing. These aspects provide specific aspects for growing and development of your child. They ultimately create a beautiful platform for self-expression and recreational entertainment contributing towards a remarkable upbringing. Concentrating ionone may bet the right choice as once your child develops the skills required in one, he/she can move on to another and grow stronger there. However, each is multi-dimensional and enhances the life skills without any doubt. The aspects are discussed widely below:

Singing is primarily beneficial from an articulation and projection platform. Think this for a moment, if actors don’t speak clearly or loudly, the audience will fail to follow the stage. Hence when educators work with students of special needs, they concentrate more on the speech and the voice and the clarity in it. This allows your child to develop clear and loud voice, overcoming the fear of people and realizing that they too have a voice. Strong communication can be a key to a enhanced personality and singing helps to achieve that specifically.
Moreover, hand motions and sign languages also forms a part of singing and this allows them to be free and behave more liberally than expected to be. It is a remarkable way to develop basic skills and many have adopted it with no hesitation.

Another incredible recreational therapy, acting involves a number of life skills that are essential for the daily functioning of a human being. First it teaches teamwork, communication eye contact and other helpful skills. It also helps the child to be conscious of his/her presence in front of the audience and fight their way through it, to survive people and the world in general. It helps them to be free of their self-conscious and present a positive body language to the world. Acting also provides the freedom to the students to explore different worlds of expression. Acting is noting but practicing social skills, whether during rehearsal or performance. Making eye contact, speaking loudly, expressing the right emotions, all are a part of developing life skills.

It is undoubtedly a terrific form of exercise and moving your body. It helps to make your child aware of his/her body. The more you are aware of your body the less conscious you will be. It opens up your child to the outside world. And in theatre, dance is generally combined with singing, music and acting. All converges to produce an expressive atmosphere that helps an introvert child to embrace the different characters and forms and express with vigor and enthusiasm.

Theatre art has become a major part of the speech therapy for children with special needs and it should be duly embraced.