How a private school provides you with the extra value that you may not get in a government school

When you, as a parent, have to decide whether you must send your kids to a private school or a government school, you are likely to face a quandary. At times, you may think that some of the parents who provide private education to their children are committing a mistake by buying privilege with their money power. But at the same time, you may want that your kids should also have the best of education and hence, private school may provide more of such opportunities. In this context, you are advised to take cognizance of the opinion of a few experts who support your latter notion. According to these experts, if you send your kids to anĀ International School Singapore, your children will benefit immensely. Let us now find out how a private school will provide your children with the extra value that a government school may not provide.

1. Even a Private school Singapore use the international baccalaureate system reveal that you are able to feel the welcoming atmosphere that prevails in the place. On the contrary, when you visit a government school, the teachers or staff at the school may be overwhelmed with other activities and tasks. This may affect the atmosphere and learning environment of the students. Apart from feeling the ambiance, you will find that the teachers and the administrative staff of a private school are ready to spend their time to discuss with you for finding the specific needs of your children and for knowing how you expect your children to be taken care of. These aspects will instill confidence in you that your kids will get more valuable education in a private school.

2. If you discuss with parents who have already admitted their kids in a private school, you will find that they are very much happy that they have made the right decision because their children are able to achieve much beyond their expectations. This is attributed to the resources and facilities that are available in the private school, as such providing students with better opportunities. So, if you admit your children in a good private school, you can justifiably expect that they will also learn better. This means your children will have better opportunities than those who get educated in a government school.

On the contrary, government schools may not offer what parents expect. This means that children studying in these schools will not have the advantages those who are educated in a private school will have.

3. Government schools are established with the premise that the needs of every child are the same. This is likely to lead to mediocrity in a number of children. On the other hand, those who run private schools are aware that every child is different and the learning style of one child will differ from that of another child. Similarly, the speed at which one child learns may not be the same as that of other children. So, the teachers as well as other staff of private schools will be willing to devote their time for paying individual attention to fulfill the unique needs of every child. Their aim is to impart the right kind of education every child needs.

4. Private schools make it a point to put in place suitable systems to impart strong discipline in children. Since government schools do not pay individual attention, they may not be able to check if the children studying in them follow disciplinary ways.

5. Private schools always aim to maintain high standards not only in the curriculum they should follow but in providing the right infrastructure and facilities to children. In other words, children who study in these schools will be able to easily achieve all-round development. On the contrary, government schools cannot choose a curriculum on their own. Since they have to cater to the needs of children from all types of backgrounds, the standards of the education they offer may be much below what you want your children to have. The infrastructure and other facilities in the schools may not be of very high standards also.

6. Private schools encourage healthy competition among their students.

Since teachers of the government schools are not able to pay individual attention on students, they may not be able to encourage such a sense of competition among them.

To summarize, if you admit your kids in a private school, you can be certain that the school will provide extra value to your children that they may not get in a government school.