Cybersafety Resource Kit

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An engaging and thought-provoking film, real-life interviews with teenagers and a 32-page study guide about cyberbullying, girls and relationships and risky behaviour.

Best Enemies is a parent, teacher and student resource recommended for Years 7–12, tertiary teaching and community groups.

The DVD is relevant to the following subjects and topics: ICT, Health and well-being, Anti-bullying programs, Values Education, Media Studies, Communication, SOSE/HSIE, Identity and Personal Development.


1. Best Enemies film
The film explores teenage relationships (especially between girls) and underage drinking and delves into the motives behind bullying and the use of SMS and social networking websites to disseminate cruel information. Classification: Exempt (for educational use only). We recommend parental guidance.
2. DVD extras
Video from a cyberbullying Forum (Running time: 25 minutes)
Young People and Technologies (Running time: 9 minutes)
What Adults Need to Know. Managing Relationships and the Digital World (Running time: 4 minutes 30 seconds)

3. Best Enemies Cybersafety Guide (click here for more details) 
A comprehensive guide about cyberbullying, girls, relationships and risky behaviour.